Julio Alvarez.

Julio Alvarez, is a Cuban dancer who loves Argentine tango, a discipline he studies and teaches with great passion and competence.
In addition to the dance studio in Havana, he studied music (percussion) with maestro Enrique Lazaga. He continued his dance and folk dance studio in Rio de Janeiro where he participated as a dancer and teacher in the CIA and School of the great master Jaime Aroxa. Then he moved to Buenos Aires where he deepened his knowledge of tango with the teacher Gisel Duran among other masters. At the same time, as continuing his dance training, he studied teaching methodology, specializing in motor science. He additionally specializes as a sports coach, both in the technical and mental fields.
He has worked as a dancer in the company of “Los Hermanos Macana” and has collaborated with some of the most important international tango dancers.
Currently he studies music, piano and bandoneon and has developed an innovative and effective method of teaching musicality in tango (Method A) based on the study of dance in Cuba, a land of unparalleled tradition in this field:

  • In 2016 with his dancer Yailet Suárez they won the metropolitan championship of Milan in the tango open, milonga, vals categories.
  • Winners of the final of the national metropolitan circuit in Rome in the tango open, milonga and vals categories.
  • Italian champions in Tango de pista category.
  • Milonga and Free Style champions in the Saint Petersburg White Tango championship.
  • In 2019 with Miranda Tomassoni at Berlin Open – Tango contest: they won the Audience Award.

He has been invited for seminars and festivals in more than 15 countries as a renowned teacher and dancer; he currently lives in Milan where he teaches regularly. In 2021 he started dancing and collaborating with Silvina Tse for workshops and performances and they teach regular courses in Bologna and Lucca.