Silvina Tse.

Silvina Tse started dancing at the age of 6 and she has a background in rhythmic gymnastics, skating, swimming (that she has been teaching for over 10 years) as well as hip hop, gyrotonic (she is a Gyrotonic trainer), ballet and modern dance. Her love for Argentine Tango started in 2009 and shortly after she attended Tango classes with the well renowned maestros from Italy and Buenos Aires.

After receiving the highest degree in civil engineering Silvina decided that she was more into the analysis of the body expression through the dance and chose to dedicate her life exclusively to tango and she received the formal professional teacher diploma. Her approach to Tango is based on mastering a variety of styles in order to understand the entire subject and help every single student to find a personal style with a clean technique.

For many years Silvina has been a full-time teacher at two established Tango schools in Italy – Streetango & ArteDanza then, after few years of just traveling and performing around the world she decided to open her own tango reality in Bologna. Silvina has been invited to teach tango in Kazakistan, Ukraine, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Greece and other countries. During the covid pandemic, partnering Michael Nadtochi, she started an online project of tango education: she currently keeps alive the initiative providing new Technique videos that connect her with students all around the world from Argentina to Australia.

From 2019 to 2021 Silvina has been partnering with the russian dancer Michael Nadtochi very well known in the international tango scene for his elegance, creativity and flow. Due to boundaries rules between countries they decided to keep alive the online project but to start brand new collaborations for workshops and performances in-person. At the moment Silvina is partnering two professional Tango dancers: Julio Alvarez with whom she is building the project in Italy and Murat Erdemsel, both expressive dancers and teachers whose musicality is fine interpretation.